The simplest FAQ-section you've probably ever seen - With the most annoying questions!

Is my model/model SM-G92xx supported?

If the build is from the download-page, that ROM supports every single model, but some models, like the Sprint ones, need a custom system-image which we don't provide... And no, The Edge+ is NOT supported by us. If it's a build posted by us (most often by Lukas0610), it's probably Flat (G920F)-ONLY

XYZ is not working

How do I install this?

Short answer: Click here
Long answer: Follow Lineage's guide for the Galaxy S7, pretty much the same for the Galaxy S6 (Edge), except that you shouldn't download and flash the S7-build

Changelog? Download-Link?

Just take a look on this page, we can expect at least a bit of independence when flashing a custom ROM, can we?

Any ETA for the next update?


Can you help me with XYZ?

Ask the great community in our Telegram-group: AOSP Discussion Group

Can you add feature XYZ?

Fill out the template at our issue-tracker and mark it a feature-request. And I promise you, if the template isn't filled properly (except device-infos, only required for bugs), that issue is fu**ing closed

Help, bootloop!!!